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3 Stay In Date Night Ideas For Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is almost here, so I've created a fun list of stay-in date night ideas for those that want to celebrate but maybe aren't feeling the whole wine and dine vibe this year. OH! and don't forget that Valentine's Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, so these date nights can also be fun with friends and family!

1. DIY Paint Night

For this all you'll need are a couple of cheap canvases from the dollar store and some paints! Find a place you can set up the two canvases, paints and don't forget the snacks and beverages. Next you'll have to find something to paint, and YouTube is perfect for this. Search paint tutorials or even paint night and tons of paint night at home tutorial videos will appear, just pick your favorite!

Enjoy an evening in full of fun, snacks and laughs, and maybe discover a new hidden talent or hobby in painting.

2. At Home Cooking Class

For this all you need is a kitchen and an internet connection! Start by browsing recipes and find one you and your partner want to try. I suggest checking out Gordon Ramsays youtube channel where he has an entire playlist of recipes and tutorials on how to make them. Once you have your recipe chosen, head to the store together to get your ingredients. Stream the cooking tutorial while you follow the recipe and get your Master Chef on! If you want to make it extra fun, grab some matching aprons and add an appetizer and dessert for a full three course meal. Light some candles and enjoy your hard earned meal together.

3. Movie Night with a Twist

This is a fun one! Everyone loves a classic movie night in, and this idea puts a fun twist on it. For this one you will be picking everything out for your partner, and they'll be picking for you! You're going to start by heading to the store together, try to pick a store that has everything available or you'll be heading to multiple spots. First you're going to pick a new set of pajamas for each other. Once you've chosen your movie night PJs, it's on to the best part, SNACKS! You're going to pick out a snack for your partner you think they'll love. I suggest picking their favorite, and then something you think they'll enjoy. My partner and I always go for something crunchy and something sweet. Last but not least, movie choice. This is obviously the most important part, so remember you're picking for your partner not you! Pick a movie you know they love, or want to see, or that you think they will like. They will be picking for you as well, so make sure to remember these choices are all about them and you want them to feel special.

Enjoy your double feature movie night in with amazing snacks and comfy new pajamas!

I hope however you spend tomorrow that you know you are so loved, and whether you're spending it with a partner, friend, parent, sibling or yourself I hope you feel loved and cared for because you deserve it.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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