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Friday Feeling

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. As we all begin to adjust to our new normal, finding fun things to do at home and ways to connect to loved ones has been a little adventure on its own. We've been using things like facetime, House Party app ( which I highly recommend checking out for some fun with your friends and family!), online gaming, twitch, and of course the classics, like phone calls and text messages.

Even with all these new things we are trying out, we still need a mood booster from time to time. It is a lot sometimes with everything constantly reminding you that all is not okay in the world, from anytime you log into social media, to emails, even many memes, it's seemingly exhausting and never-ending. The fatigue from it is real, and for me personally, this is when a good playlist comes in to save the day. So next up, my recommendation is to throw on some good tunes and have yourself a little party.

Music as a mood booster

It's been scientifically proven that music can affect your mood, and who am I to argue with science? Listening to music releases endorphins and serotonin, it literally makes us happy! Everyone has a favorite song that when it comes on they can't help but turn it up, sing and dance along. Music inspires movement, emotion and connection, it checks all good things off the mood boosting list. In a time where we are all staying home, these three things are so important to our well being. Forest and Fog created a Spotify Playlist to channel all the goodness, aptly named Good Vibes Only. Come dance and sing with us, and let's share the good vibes this weekend.

What are some of your go to mood boosting songs? Comment your favorites!

and dont forget

drink your water

call your friends & family

and get some sleep

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