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Giving Back to B.C. Communities

Growing up in B.C. and spending so much time in nature and parks, I know how important these places are for all folks to enjoy. Spending time outdoors gives us so much, it's a place we can go to be calm, to de-stress, to feel free, to breathe. I have travelled all over B.C., from Bella Coola to Qualicum Beach and I have been lucky to experience first hand the beauty our province holds for us. British Columbia is and has always been my home, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Forest and Fog is inspired by wild places, I designed the four tree logo to represent four regions of Cascadia: B.C, Washington State, Oregon and Idaho. F&F art is created with thoughtful appreciation of the places around me, and a gratitude for living in the most beautiful corner of the world. When I started Forest and Fog it was always my intention to be able to give back to nature and B.C. Communities. As soon as I began researching ways I could do this, the B.C. Parks Foundation instantly came to mind. That is why I was so excited to announce this past weekend that Forest and Fog is now an official Basecamp Partner of the B.C. Parks Foundation!

Why B.C Parks Foundation?

British Columbians love their parks. Almost 90% have used a B.C Park in their lifetime, and about 6 in 10 use them annually! Last year alone, our parks had 26,253,500 visitors! Allow me to put some perspective on that, Canada's population is 37 million... thats a lot of park goers! B.C. Parks are a huge contributor to our tourism industry and economy, folks from all over the world travel to our beautiful province to experience it's unique wilderness. B.C is filled with diverse wildlife, some of which can't be found anywhere else in the world. This is why it is so important B.C. Parks be protected, to not only protect our wildlife, but so generation after generation can continue to enjoy them.

The B.C. Parks Foundation works hard to create and maintain an amazing park system, with a strong message of inclusivity, community, and awareness. They've added amazing programs like Discover Parks, providing unique visitor experiences using things like Park Ambassadors and self-guided trails to provide knowledge and increase community engagement. Last year they built the first Story Trail, which combines technology and nature allowing you to learn about the trail and connect with nature in a new way. As you make your way you can hear stories and the history of the plants and land around you. It's a very cool way to experience B.C. Parks! (check it out here: Tsútswecw Park Story Trail )

It's initiatives like this that make the B.C. Parks Foundation invaluable. Our common goals of supporting inclusive spaces in nature for all folks to enjoy, and a mutual understanding of the magic our parks hold is what makes me proud to be partnered with them.

How is Forest and Fog helping B.C. Parks Foundation?

As a basecamp Partner, 5% of every sale is donated to the BCPF to help support their mission.

To learn more about the B.C. Parks Foundation check out their website at

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