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Spring is almost here, it's nine days away to be exact! I don't know about you but I am definitely ready for some more daylight, sunshine and outdoor adventures. With all the concerns spreading of a certain virus a lot of people are cancelling their travel plans. Maybe you aren't too keen on heading to major tourist spots right now, but that doesn't mean you can't take a vacation. Now is the perfect time to explore the road less travelled, (literally!).

Living in the Pacific Northwest makes it easy to get away from reality for a bit and explore something new. There is a lot of really special things you can discover if you just get in the car and go! I have found the best jam I've ever had at a farmers market in Hope, BC, drank the strongest coffee of all time at a road side gas station in Idaho, watched a bear wander through wildflowers somewhere between Williams Lake and Bella Coola, and drove through a ghost town in Nevada that was occupied by a whole lot of wild donkeys.

There is something about road trips that not only makes you feel free, but it allows you to see the world in a way you may not have seen before.

This month in the blog we will be highlighting some parks and destinations to explore in the PNW that may help to inspire your next adventure.

Our first destination is Field, British Columbia.

A Small town with a population of less than 200 people, yeah you read that right, 200 people, located in the Kicking Horse River Valley. Field is within Yoho National Park, so it's a fantastic destination away from the heavy tourists nearby at Lake Louise (it's about 20 minutes away!). It's filled with natural wonders worth seeing, like fossils dating back 500 million years, and a natural bridge that will eventually be eroded away by the river. There is also local shops and general stores to explore, like Velvet Antler Pottery, a pottery and porcelain gallery owned by a local family.

The Burgess Shale guided hiking tours offer a special experience to see the fossil beds while enjoying a stunning hike and hearing stories from the guides. If a guided tour isn't your thing, there are a ton of stunning trails to explore on your own as well.

The natural bridge is a must see. There are several view points but if you're planning a hike, the lookout is also the access point for the Kicking Horse Fire Road trailhead. This trail will take you to the Meeting of the Waters, where the Emerald, Amiskwi and Kicking Horse Rivers meet.

Sounds magical doesn't it?

If you love food and dining, there are some unique options. Cilantro Café is a truly stunning location on Emerald Lake offering a grab and go selection of beer and wine, as well as dishes made with local meats and produce (did I mention they have house made pizza?). Rocky Mountain eats are on point here and at Emerald Lake Lodge, with sustainable seafood, locally sourced produce, and game meats like bison and elk raised on their own ranch. A very Canadian farm to table experience.

This season take the opportunity to say goodbye to air travel and popular tourist destinations and say hello to small towns, exploring something new and getting closer to nature.

Have you been to Field, BC? What plans are you making for Spring?

Drop recommendations in the comments below!

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